The Sinister Poem

Once deciphered, the message reads…

“Old Lord Roman, I am he,
Beyond the veil, I now be.
Who off’d my head they now do stand
Before you in this hall so grand.
Bring to me their name tonight,
Or join me where there is no light.”

When you finish reciting the last line to the captured attendees, a cacophony of accusations takes over the hall as each person points their finger towards someone else. Some of them vociferate profanities to the others.

As the discussion becomes more and more heated, you realise it is pointless to accuse others without collecting evidence first. There must be hints around the manor that shed light onto this mystery. Should the ghost be real, you could find proof to incriminate the murderer. Should it not be, you might find the person behind this façade.

You announce you will begin investigating and a round of approval emerges from the party. They seem to trust you to solve this since you had the wit to figure out the encrypted message in the wine. Mr Verdana commits to keeping everyone comfortable and bids you good luck in your enterprise. Now, where to begin?


You have two options to begin your investigation. Firstly, speaking with the guests might give you more insight into potential motives behind T.N. Roman’s demise. Alternatively, you could scour through the master bedroom and find clues regarding his death… or a potential deceiver.
Which do you pick?