The Cellar

You turn left and head down the corridor. Through the hidden directions in the blueprints, you make your way through an intricate series of halls until you reach an old and rickety wooden door. It does not seem locked, so you try to push it open. The rotten wood cracks through and you fall into the room.

The rancid smell of wine hits your nostrils in a matter of seconds. It is acrid. You stand and look up to a wide chamber ahead of you. Your flashlight casts a long shadow behind the dozens of shelves that remain standing. Many others have already crashed down a while ago, spilling litres of wine onto the stone floor. As you move ahead, it is impossible to avoid the mess and you feel the soles of your shoes sticking to the stale mass of bittersweet produce.

You examine the room carefully, trying to find hints of whatever had occurred there. Had Lord Roman really destroyed his wine collection so surreptitiously and left?

That is when you notice a trail of wine that scurries away from the dry pond. It follows irregularly a straight path to the deepest end of the cellar, almost as if something was dragged over the wine before it completely dried. Inspecting the trails closer, you also realise there is another colour of burgundy in the trail: blood.

Reaching the end of the trail, you find a metal door similar to that of a safe. It is completely dissonant with the rest of the ancient cellar. In the centre, right on top of the handle, another inscription presents a riddle to ascertain the 6-digit combination that unlocks it. The blood path goes underneath this safe door… and some of it stains the lock.

You are getting closer.

Phone your team, phone your friend. Wherever in the world, they’ll lend a hand.
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