The End

Congratulations! You have reached the end... but you didn't quite catch the mastermind.

Not to worry though, here is your code: COMIC SANS
Now give this code to the game master to stop the clock!

Read on to see how the events unfolded...


Policemen swarm to the building and you lead them to the basement, showing them the wine and blood stains leading all the way to the body of Lord T.N. Roman. You point out the evidence, piece after piece, as the guests provide their witness reports. By the end of the evening, the officers collect more than enough evidence to exert a swift trial over the butler of Serif Manor for the murder of his employer.

As daybreak emerges, the authorities begin to let all the guests leave. You share one final look with Mr Verdana right before exiting through the main gate. He gives you a look of hatred, frustration, but you seem to detect a hint of recognition.

The first rays of sunlight shyly come about over the treeline. You take a deep breath of fresh air, basking in the openness of the world to which you almost lost access. Walking over to the front courtyard in between the police patrols, you look back at Serif Manor once more. You see, slowly pouring out of the main gate, the Garamond family all bundled up together. You see the Baskervilles holding hands, still shocked from the events of the evening. Monsieur Montserrat steps out, dusts his clothes and makes a slight bow in your direction, as if appreciative. Duchess Georgia waves her handkerchief merrily towards you, with Signore Palatino straggling closely behind her.

You watch all of them walk away, back into their lives. You see them getting into their cars and being driven away by their chauffeurs, knowing that one of them is accomplice to the crime that transpired in that house. Would you be able to live with the knowledge that, despite your best efforts, you failed to figure out Lord Roman’s last riddle?

Well, that’s a question for the rest of your life, don’t you think?