“Check cellar,” you repeat under your breath as you wander around the main hall. You figure Mr Verdana, as the butler, should be able to help you inspect it.

“The cellar?” he asks. Up to now, Mr Verdana has been occupied serving the remaining hors d’oeuvres to the guests. “I mean… The cellar is currently out of bounds. Lord Roman used to have a bountiful wine collection but he had it removed a few months ago. I found him once down there breaking bottle after bottle in a fit of rage.”

You request, regardless, that he gives you access to the basement to explore the cellar and he half-heartedly agrees to do so. He warns you, however, that traversing the basement is quite complicated for anyone unfamiliar with the household. He provides you with a copy of the lower floor’s blueprints and you notice it looks strange.

“You probably noticed by now that Lord Roman was quite fond of puzzles. He extended that philosophy to the construction of the house.” He points at the scribbles in the paper and slides you a set of keys. “Good luck solving it. I still have not figured it out myself even though I know that place by heart. I’d guide you if it were not for the guests.”

You reassure Mr Verdana that you will be alright on your own and set out to the basement.