Armed with a flashlight and an incomprehensible script for a blueprint, you descend the service stairs down to the lowest level of the Serif Manor. The rich tapestry of the ground floor gets replaced by the raw stone underneath and the light is reduced until only the brisk illumination from your flashlight brightens the midnight black path. A vacuum silence fills your ears as the only sound remaining in the underground void is that of your footsteps and the shuffling of your clothes. The air has a dusty consistency to it, a frigid stillness that feels like death itself.

Coming to the end of the staircase, you find that your path veers off into two: one to the left and one to the right. They stretch beyond your vision in this low light. You look at the wall before you and around both corners, but there are no signs indicating where to go. All you see are two stone statues: a dog on your left, and a snake on your right.

You check the blueprint once more and pinpoint your location on it. There, you make out a word and some numbers.

phobias: 9 / 25

Do you turn left or right?