The Bedroom

Entering the deceased’s chambers, you realise it is more of a library, with rows of books covering the walls from corner to corner. Lord Roman, you recall, had two lifelong passions: viniculture and literature.

Stillness in the air surrounds you as you walk to the centre of the room. You scan every element, unsure where or what to look for that might help. Just as you’re ready to give up and move onto the next room, a book falls from the top of a shelf and lands loudly on the nightstand, opening on a random page as it hits the ground.

You walk over to the nightstand and pick up the book. Looking at the page, you notice that there are only three lines:

Authors are important.
Primaries in particular.
All the numbers are useless unless you know where to look.

You flip through the rest of the book, hoping for some context but strangely, all the other pages are completely blank.

As you are kneeling by the nightstand, you realise there is a tiny lever jutting out the back. Pulling it with your finger, a plate slides smoothly out of the side revealing a hidden compartment. In it, an old pocket journal rests, seemingly untouched for years. The journal itself seems to be gibberish; the cover page, however, has two codes embossed onto it. There is a smudge of a red liquid in the corner. Could this be a final message?


Where do you need to go from here?