Monsieur Montserrat

You piece together the remaining letters and you are left with a single word: ANIMAL. Sophia looks to you in wonder as you fold the page and save it in your pocket. Bidding the Garamonds farewell, you move onto the next person.

As you walk to the centre of the room, pondering over the mysterious book that the kid had “just” received, a hand brushes your shoulder. Turning around, you see Monsieur Montserrat towering over you. His sullen eyes betray a hint of worry.

“I… I was about to phone the police for help and… well, er, it might be better if you saw for yourself,” he says, and starts leading the way out of the main hall and down a long corridor. Coming to a stop by a small table, he gestures to the black rotary telephone sitting atop it.

Looking down at the phone, you see that where the numbers 1 to 0 should be around the dial, instead is an odd assortment of decimal numbers. You look back at Monsieur Montserrat quizzically but he just shrugs.

It seems like you now have to figure out what this means.