The Final Puzzle

You find the congregation of guests bundled up near the fireplace. They notice your arrival quite immediately, shocked at the urgency with which you storm into the hall. Mr Verdana stands in a corner and, as soon as you lock eyes with him, begins to turn away towards the courtyard door. You walk intently towards him as he tries to open it to no avail. He turns to you and reaches for the pocket where he keeps his gun but you immediately lock his hand, remove the weapon from his belt and show it to the rest of the party.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the culprit and the weapon are here,” you announce loud and clear. A few gasps escape your captive audience. “You may find the victim downstairs, locked in the basement.”

It does not take much time to bind Mr Verdana, who resists and attempts to dispel all suspicions without much success. You quickly explain to the party the circumstances of the murder and your findings. They are horrified, yet impressed at your improvised detective work. As you conclude your tale, most of them approach you with congratulations and comments of appreciation.

Monsieur Montserrat tells you that he has called the police and that they will be here soon. And then, a whirring sound emerges from the corner of the room, where an old gramophone begins moving. From it, a grainy, metallic voice sings an ominous sonata. The sound gives you shivers just by hearing it. However, through the distortion and the damaged state of the antique machine, Signore Palatino proclaims that it is the voice of Lord Roman. Once you make the connection, it is easy to hear.

"My killer you have found
For this you deserve a round
But one more who is the mind
This person, you must find
The clues in plain sight, these I have placed
So look back to names in which capitals were laced"

You ruminate over the words over a minute or so, much like the rest of the guests. Suddenly, clarity invades your mind and you turn to them quietly, scanning each member attentively. If the ghastly voice could be trusted, you think, it means that there is one more culprit. Among the guests, one of them had orchestrated the murder. But, how could you possibly figure out who did it?

Your eyes wander over each of them: Count and Countess Baskerville, Mr and Mrs Garamond with their children, Signore Palatino, Monsieur Montserrat, and Duchess Georgia.


You only have one chance to trap the mastermind, so make it count. Enter the mastermind's last name here: