The Second Number

You hear the first tumbler shift. Bingo! Two more to go.

It has been a few minutes since you had been left here by Mr Verdana. However, it is just now that you realise how cold it is. Briefly resting your back against the wall, a soft silvery column of vapour emanates from your mouth. Your breath condenses right before your eyes and dissipates, forcing you to focus your eyes ahead to the corpse of the late Lord Roman.

It is freezing, actually. You were wondering how it was possible for the body to have been preserved so perfectly if he had met his end weeks ago. Now, you seem to have an answer; this underground room, likely unused for several years and disconnected from the central heating, is an improvised freezer. Although your presence might increase the temperature by a fraction of a degree, your body will be a victim of frostbite before it makes a difference. You begin to feel wintry pangs through your fingers, and your skin is numb and reddened.

You need to get out of here. Moving onto the next clue, you see that it is a riddle.

Swim through the loose channels to find out how many met on the first day of the eleventh month.

What is the 2-digit number?