The Last Number

The sound of the second tumbler is well met by your ears. Your breath has been heavy for the last minute and your hands are shivering uncontrollably. Logic dictates that you should move on to the next puzzle as soon as possible but you can barely feel your fingers. The cold slows down your thoughts and your mind turns sluggish. The lack of warmth drives you to a state of anxiousness and frustration, then fear. What if you do not make it out?

Your mind goes back to the party you were in but a few hours ago. Imagination shows you in the ballroom, enjoying a lively conversation with any of the guests. Now, trapped in a cellar while you freeze out of consciousness, that moment seems like it was years ago. You feel like closing your eyes to rest for a bit and your head sways to the side. It hits the wall and that is just enough to shudder you awake.

This is not the time to give up. One more riddle stands between you and freedom.

Sticks of white, with these you write
Stones of white, with these you bite
Find the common element
The final clue is evident

You now have all three sets of numbers. What is the full combination code?